“Darkness is coming.”

How would you react if you discovered you had special abilities and were thrust into an epic battle between good and evil? 

When spring arrives during twelve-year-old Willow’s sixth-grade year at Elm City Waldorf School in Keene, New Hampshire, she discovers she has the divine gift of Sight — a special ability to ‘see’ things most don’t, such as people’s inner Light, and the fae folk. A whole new layer of reality opens up to Willow, but not all of it is good. Her recurring nightmare of an attacking horde of hellhounds feels like a premonition. The terrifying woman of darkness, Gehenna, is planning something horrible. Can Willow help stop these demonic forces? 

When Willows Weep is a contemporary fantasy exploring the intersections of compassion and combat, faith and fantasy, rejection and redemption, free will and fate, and ecology and education. It speaks to a middle-grade and young adult audience, as well as readers who are fans of Waldorf education, people of faith, and anyone who enjoys fantasy. 

When Willows Weep

When darkness drear fills all with fear,
Dry not the glist’ning tear,
To catch the Light and shine hope bright,
Only when willows weep.

Bend, sway, arise before mine eyes,
Thy pow’r, thy strength ne’er dies.
Shine forth the Light and darkness smite,
Bless’d now when willows weep.

Take up thy rod and go abroad,
Fight now you must for God.
Comes now thy time, wisdom sublime,
Flowing when willows weep.

Editorial Reviews

When Willows Weep is an exciting book for young readers who love delving into the magical world of fairies, gnomes, and battles of good versus evil. It’s a delightful story with a determined main character heading up a cast of players existing in a world of both darkness and light. Readers will be swept away on a unique and exquisite journey.      
— Melody Delgado, award-winning YA author of Royally Entitled

An endearing story of the journey of a girl who finds the power within herself to defeat darkness.      — Cassandra Stirling, author of The Deep Space Between

In this coming-of-age story, the supernatural creeps into the real world, as forces of both darkness and light seek allies for their battle.      — Ilia Epifanov, author of Crescent Earth

Light and Darkness. Vengeance and Healing. Hope and Despair. These are some of the themes Sherman Morrison tackles in When Willows Weep. A fantastical story that blends fantasy and the real world together, challenging our perspective of reality. A wonderful read!       — S. D. Howard, Author of The City of Snow & Stars

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